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These are the terms and conditions governing your participation in the virtual ECSSMET 2021 conference. By registering for the virtual ECSSMET 2021 you agree to these participation terms and conditions also for the use of the virtual event platform.

If you are registering on behalf of another individual, it is your responsibility to ensure the person participating is aware of these terms and accepts them. By completing the registration on behalf of another individual you are warranting that you have made the participant aware of these terms and that they have accepted these terms.



These terms and conditions determine the contractual relationship between the visitor and the organizer, regardless of which website the user registers or logs in on.


The only contractual partner of the visitor is the organizer.



  • On the virtual platform, the organizer offers the opportunity to registered users to participate in virtual events in the form of (interactive) virtual conferences on the internet for a period of time specified by the organizer.
  • Any use of the services and content offered on the platform, with the exception of the particular options provided on the platform, requires the prior written agreement of the organizer.
  • The organizer only enabels the data and / or information provided by the user to other users if this data and / or information does not violate legal provisions or the terms and conditions stated in this document. The organizer is entitled to remove illegal content from the platform without prior notice.
  • The visitor acknowledges that technical feasibility does not allow an all time full (100%) availability of the platform. However, the organizer tries to keep the platform available as constantly as possible. The visitor is not entitled to the availability of the virtual platform.



  • The user has to register before using the services of the platform. 
    Your registration entitles you to access to the Virtual ECSSMET 2021 for which you have registered. Any and all other costs associated with your attendance shall be borne solely by you, and DLR as organizer of the virtual ECSSMET shall have no liability for such costs.
  • The user assures that all data provided by him/her during registration are true and complete. The user is obliged to notify the organizer of changes to his/her user data immediately as long as he/she participates. Each user can only register once.



  • The visitor is obliged to provide only true and not misleading information in his/her profile and his/her communication with other users and not to use any pseudonyms or artist names.
  • The visitor is also obliged to observe the applicable laws and all rights of third parties when using the content and services on the platform. In particular, it this prohibited to the user
    • to use offensive or defamatory content, regardless of whether this content concerns other users or other people or companies,
    • to use pornographic content or content that violates youth protection laws; to advertise, offer or distribute pornographic or youth protection laws;
    • to carry out or encourage anti-competitive acts, including progressive solicitation (such as chain, snowball or pyramid schemes)
    • to use legally protected content (e.g. by copyright, trademark, patent, design or utility model law) without being authorized to do so, or to advertise, offer or sell legally protected goods or services,
    • harassing other visitors unreasonably (especially through spam) (see §7 Law against Unfair Competition UWG),
    • to refrain from the following harassing acts, even if they do not specifically violate any laws: lewd or sexual communication (explicit or implicit); Use of mechanisms, software or scripts in connection with the use of the platform or any action that is likely to impair the functionality of the platform, in particular to overload it.
    • Participants are reminded that material presented at ECSSMET 2021 conference is the intellectual property of ECSSMET. As a result, participants are prohibited from recording presentations in theirentirety with the intent to distribute to others.
    • The use of personal smart phones, cameras or video devices should be limited to recording snapshots or snippets for personal use, such as taking snapshots throughout the conference venue to support ECSSMET efforts to convey the excitement of the event through posting on social media.
    • Taking photos and recordings within the Forum environment for professional use is not allowed without obtaining prior permission from the organizer
  • The organizer can take the following measures, if there are specific indications that a visitor is violating legal regulations, third party rights or the terms and conditions stated in this document or if the organizer has another legitimated interest:
    • Deletion of content that the user has posted.
    • Restricting / blocking access to the platform's services.



The organizer reserves the right to change the services offered on the platform or to offer different services, unless this is unreasonable for the visitor.



The organizer assumes no responsibility for the content, data and / or information provided by the users of the platform, as well as for content on linked external websites. In particular, the organizer does not guarantee that this content is true, fulfills a specific purpose or can serve such a purpose. The user is solely responsible for the content posted by the user.

All data and scientific research that is presented at the virtual ECSSMET 2021 shall be based on original research findings that have been derived from procedures and experiments that adhere to the accepted guidelines for good ethical and experimental research conduct.

All Presenters are responsible for the content of their presentations, whether oral or written, and shall secure appropriate consent from collaborators and funders, as relevant, prior to any presentation at the ECSMMET.


All intellectual property rights to papers and presentations made at the virtual conference will be the property of ECSSMET



Claims for damages - for whatever legal reason - against the organizer, which presuppose slight negligence, only exist if an essential contractual obligation has been violated. In this case, claims for damages are limited in amount to typical foreseeable damage.


The restrictions do not apply if the damage is covered by the organizer's public liability insurance and the insurer has paid the organizer. Claims for bodily harm as well as for property damage under the Product Liability Act remain unaffected. The aforementioned exclusions of liability and restrictions also do not apply in the event that express guarantees are assumed by the organizer or in the event of claims due to the lack of guaranteed properties.



  • The contract and its amendments must be made in writing. There are no side agreements.
  • The organizer reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without given reasons, unless this is unreasonable for the visitor
  • Should individual regulations of these terms and conditions be or become ineffective, this will not affect the effectiveness of the remaining regulations.
  • The place of performance is Cologne
  • As far as legally permissible, the place of jurisdiction is Cologne
  • German law applies.