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Travelling to/from Braunschweig

By plane

Arrival via Hannover Airport

Airport Hannover (HAJ, Linienflüge) is the nearest airport to Braunschweig:

Train connection to/from Hannover Main Station
Braunschweig - Hannover approx. every 30 minutes
Hannover - Braunschweig approx. every 20 minutes
Travel time: approx. 40 - 50 minutes
60 km

To/from Hannover Airport
Bus connection to Hannover Main Station - airport and back approx. every 30 minutes
Travel time: 20 minutes
10 km

Arrival via Frankfurt Airport

Train connection to/from Frankfurt Main Station
Braunschweig - Frankfurt approx. every 60 minutes (ICE)
Frankfurt - Braunschweig approx. every 60 minutes (ICE)
Traveling time: approx. 2.45 hours
340 km

To/from airport
Tram: Frankfurt Main Station - airport and back every 15 minutes
Traveling time: 12 minutes

Arrival via Berlin Airport

Train connection to/from Berlin Zoologischer Garten
Braunschweig - Berlin: approx. every 60 minutes (ICE)
Berlin - Braunschweig: approx. every 60 minutes (ICE)
Traveling time: approx. 1.15 hours
(240 km)

Berlin has two international airports.
Tegel Airport (TXL): scheduled flights and all Lufthansa flights
Schönefeld Airport (SXF): predominantly charter flights

By train

Braunschweig is very well connected to the German railway network, both by fast intercity links and regional trains. To search for a train connection, please go to the homepage of the Deutsche Bahn.

Public transport in Braunschweig

Braunschweig offers widely diverse tram and bus services during the daytime and restricted services during the night. Please follow the links to get more information about tram and bus route networks, fares and timetables.